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Call for Papers: American Literature Association

The Robert Frost Society invites proposals for its panel of three papers, “Sounding Frost,” at the 26th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association in Boston, MA, May 21-23, 2015.

Robert Frost’s ideas about the “sound of sense” found in letters and enacted in poems can seem curiously at odds with his ideas about the necessity of a poem’s having meaning, unless readers sound the depths of Frost’s meanings as these appear through or by virtue of tone, meter (e.g., as it is experienced in spoken renditions of poems and in formal scansion), or grammatical constructions, broadly or narrowly defined. Papers that consider these or other themes related to Frost’s poetry, prose, letters, lectures, or plays are welcome.

Please send a 300-word abstract to Lisa Seale at by December 31, 2014, along with your contact information, academic or other affiliation, and any audio-visual or other presentation needs.


The Robert Frost Review no. 23/24 features:

David Mason, "Old Man Walking"
Welford Dunaway Taylor,"Frost and Lankes, Together and Apart"
Mark Scott, "North of Boston and Frost’s 'Great Debt' to William Dean Howells"
Steven Knepper, "Political Foundations of 'Mending Wall'"
David Sanders, "Correcting the Record: Frost,'Good Hours' and North of Boston"
Nancy Nahra, "'My Kind of Fooling': Robert Frost’s 'A Hundred Collars' and North of Boston’s Variations on Horace"

B. J. Sokol, "Physics and Tolerance in Robert Frost’s 'The Ax-Helve'"
Lesley Lee Francis
, "Robert Frost: Franconia Christmas 1915"
Timothy O'Brien, "Review: The Letters of Robert Frost, Volume 1: 1886-1920, ed. Donald Sheehy, Mark Richarsdon, and Robert Faggen"
Sean Heuston
, "Review: The Art of Robert Frost by Tim Kendall"



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